Girls' Junior Champions

1949: Marlene Bauer d. Barbara Bruning, 2 up; Philadelphia (Pa.) C.C. (Bala Course); All Match Play; Entries: 33

1950: Patricia A. Lesser d. Mickey Wright, 4 and 2; Wanakah C.C., Hamburg, N.Y.; Medalist — 79, Barbara Romack; Entries: 18

1951: Arlene Brooks d. Barbara McIntire, 1 up; Onwentsia Club, Lake Forest, Ill.; Medalist — 76, Barbara McIntire; Entries: 32

1952: Mickey Wright d. Barbara McIntire, 1 up; Monterey Peninsula C.C. (Dunes Course), Pebble Beach, Calif.; Medalists — 76, Mickey Wright, Anne Quast; Entries: 49

1953: Mildred Meyerson d. Holly Jean Roth, 4 and 2; The Country Club, Brookline, Mass.; Medalists — 77, Berridge Long, Anne Richardson, Jacqueline P. Yates; Entries: 46

1954: Margaret Smith d. Sue Driscoll, 5 and 3; Gulph Mills G.C., Bridgeport, Pa.; Medalist — 75, Ruth Jessen; Entries: 64

1955: Carole Jo Kabler d. JoAnne Gunderson, 4 and 3; Florence (S.C.) C.C.; All Match Play; Entries: 72

1956: JoAnne Gunderson d. Clifford Ann Creed, 4 and 3; Heather Downs C.C., Toledo, Ohio; Medalist — *74, Mary Mills; Entries: 70

1957: Judy Eller d. Beth Stone, 20 holes; Lakewood C.C., Denver, Colo.; Medalist — 78, Patricia Ann Hahn; Entries: 52

1958: Judy Eller d. Sherry Wheeler, 1 up; Greenwich (Conn.) C.C.; Medalist — 78, Connie Robinson; Entries: 84

1959: Judy Rand d. Marcia Hamilton, 5 and 3; Manor C.C., Rockville, Md.; Medalists — 76, Diana Hoke, Andrea Schaffer; Entries: 96

1960: Carol Sorenson d. Sharon Fladoos, 2 and 1; The Oaks C.C., Tulsa, Okla.; Medalists — 76, Judy Rand, Carol Sorenson; Entries: 91

1961: Mary Lowell d. Margaret Martin, 1 up; Broadmoor G.C., Seattle, Wash.; Medalists — 78, Ann Baker, Mary Lou Daniel; Entries: 69

1962: Mary Lou Daniel d. Mary Sawyer, 2 up; Country Club of Buffalo, Williamsville, N.Y.; Medalist — *74, Roberta Albers; Entries: 119

1963: (Aug. 12-16) Janis Ferraris d. Peggy Conley, 2 up; Wolfert’s Roost C.C., Albany, N.Y.; Medalists — *74, Janis Ferraris, Peggy Conley; Entries: 121

1964: Peggy Conley d. Laura MacIvor, 6 and 5; Leavenworth (Kan.) C.C.; Medalist — 154, Peggy Conley; Entries: 126

1965: Gail Sykes d. Mary Louise Pritchett, 5 and 4; Hiwan G.C., Evergreen, Colo.; Medalist — 148, Shelley Hamlin; Entries: 88

1966: Claudia Mayhew d. Kathleen Ahern, 3 and 2; Longue Vue Club, Verona, Pa.; Medalist — 148, Kathleen Ahern; Entries: 115

1967: Elizabeth Story d. Liana Zambresky, 5 and 4; Hacienda G.C., La Habra, Calif.; Medalist — 152, Janet Webber; Entries: 107

1968: Margaret Harmon d. Kaye Beard, 3 and 2; Flint (Mich.) G.C.; Medalist — 147, Nancy Hager; Entries: 130

1969: Hollis Stacy d. Jane Fassinger, 1 up; Brookhaven C.C. (Championship Course), Dallas, Texas; Medalist — 151, Martha Jones; Entries: 115

1970: Hollis Stacy d. Janet Aulisi, 1 up; The Apawamis Club, Rye, N.Y.; Medalist — 163, Louise Bruce; Entries: 85

1971: Hollis Stacy d. Amy Alcott, 19 holes; Augusta (Ga.) C.C.; Medalist — 152, Janet Aulisi; Entries: 105

1972: Nancy Lopez d. Catherine Morse, 1 up; Jefferson City (Mo.) C.C.; Medalist — 151, Amy Alcott; Entries: 93

1973: (Aug. 6-11) Amy Alcott d. Mary Lawrence, 6 and 5; Somerset Hills C.C., Bernardsville, N.J.; Medalist — 144, Nancy Lopez; Entries: 98

1974: Nancy Lopez d. Lauren Howe, 7 and 5; Columbia-Edgewater C.C., Portland, Ore.; Medalist — 151, Carolyn Hill; Entries: 102

1975: Dayna Benson d. Kyle O’Brien, 1 up; Dedham (Mass.) C. & P.C.; Medalists — 148, Dayna Benson, Beverley Davis, Lauren Howe; Entries: 113

1976: Pilar Dorado d. Kellii Doherty, 3 and 2; Del Rio G. & C.C., Modesto, Calif.; Medalist — 146, Lauren Howe; Entries: 129

1977: Althea Tome d. Melissa McGeorge, 3 and 2; Guyan G. & C.C., Huntington, W.Va.; Medalist — 144, Mary Murphy; Entries: 127

1978: Lori Castillo d. Jenny Lidback, 4 and 2; Wilmington (Del.) C.C., (North Course); Medalist — 146, Mary Barrett; Entries: 172

1979: Penny Hammel d. Amy Benz, 2 and 1; Pleasant Valley C.C., Little Rock, Ark.; Medalist — 142, Amy Benz; Entries: 176

1980: Laurie Rinker d. Libby Akers, 5 and 4; Crestview C.C. (North Course), Wichita, Kan., Medalist — 151, Cynthia Schreyer; Entries: 162

1981: (Aug. 3-8) Kay Cornelius d. Kim Simmons, 2 and 1; Illahe Hills C.C., Salem, Ore.; Medalists — 151, Jamie De Weese, Kathy Kostas; Entries: 131

1982: (Aug. 9-14) Heather Farr d. Caroline Keggi, 2 and 1; Greeley (Colo.) C.C.; Medalist — 141, Melissa McNamara; Entries: 167

1983: Kim Saiki d. Buffy Klein, 2 and 1; Somerset Hills C.C., Bernardsville, N.J.; Medalist — 150, Melissa McNamara; Entries: 165

1984: Cathy Mockett d. Michiko Hattori, 1 up; Mill Creek C.C., Bothell, Wash.; Medalist — 146, Cathy Mockett; Entries: 145

1985: (July 29 – Aug. 3) Dana Lofland d. Amy Fruhwirth, 4 and 3; St. Clair C.C., Pittsburgh, Pa.; Medalist — 148, Dana Lofland; Entries: 144

1986: (Aug. 4-9) Pat Hurst d. Adele Moore, 20 holes; Peach Tree G. & C.C., Marysville, Calif.; Medalist — 140, Michiko Hattori; Entries: 193

1987: Michelle McGann d. Lynne Mikulas, 7 and 5; The Orchards G.C., South Hadley, Mass.; Medalists — 151, Lisa Brandetsas, Michelle McGann, Brandie Burton; Entries: 209

1988: Jamille Jose d. Debbie Parks, 5 and 4; Golden Valley (Minn.) C.C.; Medalist — 141, Brandie Burton; Entries: 207

1989: Brandie Burton d. Camie Hoshino, 1 up; Pine Needles L. & G.C., Southern Pines, N.C.; Medalist — 138, Brandie Burton; Entries: 189

1990: Sandrine Mendiburu d. Vicki Goetze, 3 and 2; Manasquan River G.C., Brielle, N.J.; Medalist — 147, Vicki Goetze; Entries: 183

1991: Emilee Klein d. Kimberly Marshall, 3 and 2; Crestview C.C., Wichita, Kan.; Medalist — 142, Emilee Klein; Entries: 210

1992: Jamie Koizumi d. Alicia Allison, 5 and 4; Meridian Hills C.C.; Indianapolis, Ind.; Medalist — 145, Erika Hayashida; Entries: 246

1993: Kellee Booth d. Erika Hayashida, 1 up; Mesa Verde C.C., Costa Mesa, Calif.; Medalist — 141, Cristie Kerr; Entries: 216

1994: Kelli Kuehne d. Molly Cooper, 5 and 3; Meadow Lark C.C., Great Falls, Mont.; Medalist — 141, Kelli Kuehne; Entries: 213

1995: Marcy Newton d. Andrea Cordova, 4 and 3; Longmeadow (Mass.) C.C.; Medalists — 145,

Beth Bauer, Candy Hannemann, Grace Park; Entries: 267

1996: Dorothy Delasin d. Grace Park, 5 and 4; Westward Ho C.C., Sioux Falls, S.D.; Medalist — 139, Reilley Rankin; Entries: 618

1997: Beth Bauer d. Candie Kung, 4 and 2; Legends Club of Tennessee (Ironwood Course), Franklin, Tenn.; Medalist — 134, Beth Bauer; Entries: 758

1998: Leigh Anne Hardin d. Brittany Straza, 2 up; Merion G.C. (East Course), Ardmore, Pa.; Medalist — 144, Dorothy Delasin; Entries: 813

1999: Aree Wongluekiet d. Nancy Abiecunas, 2 up; Green Spring Valley Hunt Club, Owings Mills, Md.; Medalist — 142, Candie Kung; Entries: 792

2000: Lisa Ferrero d. Ina Kim, 3 and 1; Pumpkin Ridge G.C. (Ghost Creek Course), North Plains, Ore.; Medalist — 144, Erica Blasberg; Entries: 759

2001: Nicole Perrot d. Whitney Welch, 3 and 2; Indian Hills C.C., Mission Hills, Kan.; Medalist — 133, Christina Kim; Entries: 856

2002: In-Bee Park d. Jennifer Tangtiphaiboontana, 4 and 3; Echo Lake C.C., Westfield, N.J.; Medalist — 141, In-Bee Park; Entries: 870

2003: Sukjin-Lee Wuesthoff d. In-Bee Park, 1 up; Brooklawn C.C., Fairfield, Conn.; Medalist — 140, In-Bee Park; Entries: 856

2004: Julieta Granada d. Jane Park, 20 holes; Mira Vista G.C., Fort Worth, Texas; Medalists — 138, Mari Chun, Julieta Granada, In-Bee Park; Entries: 811

2005: In-Kyung Kim d. In-Bee Park, 5 and 4; BanBury G.C., Eagle, Idaho; Medalist — •130, Taylore Karle; Entries: 838

2006: Jenny Shin d. Vicky Hurst, 37 holes; Carmel C.C. (South Course), Charlotte, N.C.; Medalist — 138, Mina Harigae; Entries: 899

2007: (July 23-28) Kristen Park d. Ayaka Kaneko, 4 and 3; Tacoma C. & G.C., Lakewood, Wash.; Medalist — 134, Kimberly Kim; Entries: 870

2008: (July 21-26) Alexis Thompson d. Karen Chung, 5 and 4; Hartford G.C., West Hartford, Conn.; Medalist — 134, Lisa McCloskey; Entries: 929

2009: Amy Anderson d. Kimberly Kim, 6 and 5; Trump National G.C. (Old and New Courses), Bedminster, N.J.; Medalist — 141, Amy Anderson; Entries: 999

2010: Doris Chen d. Katelyn Dambaugh, 3 and 2; The Country Club of North Carolina (Dogwood Course), Village of Pinehurst, N.C.; Medalist – 141, Danielle Kang; Entries: 1,005 

2011: Ariya Jutanugarn d. Dottie Ardina, 2 and 1; Olympia Fields C.C. (South Course), Olympia Fields, Ill.; Medalist – 140, Ariya Jutanugarn; Entries: 1,086 

2012: Minjee Lee d. Alison Lee, 1 up; Lake Merced Golf Club, Daly City, Calif.; Medalist – 142, Ariya Jutanugarn; Entries: 1,070

2013: Gabriella Then d. Lakareber Abe, 2 and 1; Sycamore Hills Golf Club, Fort Wayne, Ind.; Medalist – 138, Bailey Tardy; Entries: 1,079

2014: Princess Mary Superal d. Marijosse Navarro, 37 holes; Forest Highlands Golf Club (Meadow Course), Flagstaff, Ariz.; Medalist – 131, Angel Yin; §1,118   


Record qualifying score, 36 holes (2005)

* Record qualifying score, 18 holes (1956, 1962, 1963)

§ Record entry (2014)

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