USGA Senior Women's Amateur Champions

Stroke Play (1962–1996)

1962: Maureen Orcutt, 240; Glenna Collett Vare, 247; Manufacturers’ G. & C.C., Oreland, Pa.; Entries: 96

1963: Marion Choate, 239-81-5-5-5-2; Maureen Orcutt, 239-81-5-5-5-4; Country Club of Florida, Delray Beach, Fla.; Entries: 91

1964: Loma Smith, 247; Mrs. William Kirkland, 248; Del Paso C.C., Sacramento, Calif.; Entries: 53

1965: Loma Smith, 242; Charlotte Haskell, 245; Exmoor C.C., Highland Park, Ill.; Entries: 70

1966: Maureen Orcutt, 242; Aneila Goldthwaite, 248; Lakewood C.C., New Orleans, La.; Entries: 68

1967: Marge Mason, 236; Loma Smith, 240; Atlantic City C.C., Northfield, N.J.; Entries: 80

1968: Carolyn Cudone, 236; Loma Smith, 246; Monterey Peninsula C.C. (Dunes Course), Pebble Beach, Calif.; Entries: 120

1969: Carolyn Cudone, 236-76; Mrs. Lowell D. Brown, 236-84; Ridglea C.C., Fort Worth, Texas; Entries: 79

1970: Carolyn Cudone, 231; Paulette Lee, 239; Coral Ridge C.C., Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; Entries: 68

1971: Carolyn Cudone, 236; Ann Gregory, 237; Sea Island G.C., St. Simons Island, Ga.; Entries: 103

1972: Carolyn Cudone, 231; Nancy Rutter, 237; Manufacturers’ G. & C.C., Oreland, Pa.; Entries: 94

1973: Gwen Hibbs, 229; Nancy Rutter, 235; San Marcos C.C., Chandler, Ariz.; Entries: 98

1974: Justine B. Cushing, 231; Carolyn Cudone, 233; Lakewood G.C., Point Clear, Ala.; Entries: 122

1975: Alberta Bower, 234; Carolyn Cudone, 240; Rhode Island C.C., West Barrington, R.I. Entries: 109

1976: Cecile Maclaurin, 230; Carol Bowman, 237; Monterey Peninsula C.C. (Dunes Course), Pebble Beach, Calif.; Entries: 161

1977: Dorothy Porter, 230; Alice Dye, 231; Dunes G. & B.C., Myrtle Beach, S.C.; Entries: 120

1978: Alice Dye, 232-76; Cecile Maclaurin, 232-79; Rancho Bernardo G.C., San Diego, Calif.; Entries: 143

1979: Alice Dye, 223; Cecile Maclaurin, 230; Hardscrabble C.C., Fort Smith, Ark.; Entries: 123

1980: Dorothy Porter, 236; Cecile Maclaurin, 237; Sea Island G.C., St. Simons Island, Ga.; Entries: 186

1981: Dorothy Porter, 238; Alice Dye, 242; Spring Lake (N.J.) G.C.; Entries: 113

1982: Edean Ihlanfeldt, 232; Mary Ann Morrison, 236; Kissing Camels G.C., Colorado Springs, Colo.; Entries: 154

1983: Dorothy Porter, 234; Lois Hodge, 242; Gulph Mills G.C., King of Prussia, Pa.; Entries: 143

1984: Constance Guthrie, 227; Janice Calin, 229; Tacoma (Wash.) C. & G.C.; Entries: 131

1985: Marlene Streit, 224; Louise Wilson, 227; Sheraton Savannah R. & C.C., Savannah, Ga.; Entries: 184

1986: Constance Guthrie, 225; Marlene Streit, Barbara Young, Cecile Maclaurin, 231; Lakewood G.C., Point Clear, Ala.; Entries: 137

1987: Anne Sander, 228; Harriet Hart, 231; Manufacturers’ G. & C.C., Oreland, Pa.; Entries: 136

1988: Lois Hodge, 228; Marlene Streit, 229; Sea Island G.C., St. Simons Island, Ga.; Entries: 182

1989: Anne Sander, 224; Alice Dye, 233; Tournament Players Course, The Woodlands, Texas; Entries: 119

1990: Anne Sander, 225-72; Marlene Streit, 225-78; Del Rio G. & C.C., Modesto, Calif.; Entries: 133

1991: Phyllis Preuss, 221; Belle Robertson, Anne Sander, 222; Pine Needles L. & G.C., Southern Pines, N.C.; Entries: 257

1992: Rosemary Thompson, •220; Anne Sander, 223; Tucson (Ariz.) C.C.; Entries: 192

1993: Anne Sander, 230; Mary Ann Morrison, 234; Preakness Hills C.C., Wayne, N.J.; Entries: 129

1994: Marlene Streit, 222-75; Nancy Fitzgerald, 222-77; Sea Island G.C., St. Simons Island, Ga.; Entries: 211

1995: Jean Smith, 228; Marlene Streit, 229; Somerset C.C., Mendota Heights, Minn.; Entries: 151

1996: Gayle Borthwick, 226; Marlene Streit, Karen Oldham, 227; Broadmoor

G.C., Seattle, Wash.; Entries: 191

Match Play (1997–Present)

1997: (Oct. 20-25) Nancy Fitzgerald d. Toni Wiesner, 1 up; Yeamans Hall Club, Charleston, S.C.; Medalist — 149, Diana Schwab; Entries: 233

1998: Gayle Borthwick d. Valerie Hassett, 4 and 3; Golden Horseshoe G.C. (Green Course), Williamsburg, Va.; Medalist — *135, Toni Wiesner; Entries: 114

1999: Carol Semple Thompson d. Cecilia Mourgue-D’Algue, 19 holes; Desert Mountain Club (Cochise Course), Scottsdale, Ariz.; Medalist — 148, Gayle Borthwick; Entries: 225

2000: Carol Semple Thompson d. Toni Wiesner, 5 and 4; Sea Island G.C. (Seaside Course), St. Simons Island, Ga.; Medalist — 151, Karen Mabli; Entries: 391

2001: (Sept. 8-13) Carol Semple Thompson d. Anne Carr, 1 up; Allegheny C.C., Sewickley, Pa.; Medalist — 144, Marianne Towersey; Entries: 335

2002: (Oct. 5-10) Carol Semple Thompson d. Barbara Berkmeyer, 3 and 1; Mid Pines Inn and G.C., Southern Pines, N.C.; Medalist — 150, Carol Semple Thompson; Entries: 418

2003: Marlene Streit d. Nancy Fitzgerald, 23 holes; Barton Creek R. & C. (Foothills Course), Austin, Texas; Medalist — 145, Sherry Bowman; Entries: 343

2004: Carolyn Creekmore d. Liz Haines, 1 up; Pasatiempo G.C., Santa Cruz, Calif.; Medalist — 150, Robin Weiss Donnelley; Entries: 394

2005: Diane Lang d. Carol Semple Thompson, 1 up; The Apawamis Club, Rye, N.Y.; Medalist — 151, Carol Semple Thompson; Entries: 457

2006: Diane Lang d. Anna Schultz, 1 up; Sea Island G.C. (Seaside Course), St. Simons Island, Ga.; Medalist — 145, Cecilia Mourgue D’Algue; Entries: 543

2007: Anna Schultz d. Robyn Puckett, 20 holes, Sunriver (Ore.) Resort (Meadows Course); Medalist — 145, Patty Moore; Entries: 497

2008: Diane Lang d. Toni Wiesner, 6 and 5; Tulsa (Okla.) C.C.; Medalist — 142, Carolyn Creekmore; Entries: 478

2009: Sherry G. Herman d. Carolyn Creekmore, 4 and 3; The Homestead (Cascades Course), Hot Springs, Va.; Medalist — 142, Joan Higgins; Entries: 502

2010: Mina Hardin d. Alexandria Frazier, 2 and 1; Fiddlesticks C.C., Fort Myers, Fla.; Medalist – 144, Leigh Klasse; Entries: 543

2011: Terri Frohnmayer d. Mina Hardin, 2 and 1; The Honors Course, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Medalist -- 139, Lisa Schlesinger; Entries: 507

2012: Ellen Port d. Jane Fitzgerald, 4 and 3; Hershey Country Club (West Course), Hershey, Pa.; Medalist – 149, Lisa Schlesinger; Entries: 532

2013: Ellen Port d. Susan Cohn, 3 and 2; CordeValle, San Martin, Calif.; Medalist – 147, Akemi Nakata Khaiat; Entries: 538

2014: Joan Higgins d. Judith Kyrinis, 1 up; Hollywood Golf Club, Deal, N.J.; Medalist – 144, Ellen Port; Entries: §554

Record score (stroke-play format) (1992)

* Record score (match-play format) (1998)

§ Record entry (2014)

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At U.S. Open Championships the Chevron STEM ZONE™ is an interactive experience highlighting the science and math behind the game of golf through a variety of hands-on exhibits and experiments.

The partnership has also produced educational materials such as the Science of Golf video series and a nationally-distributed newspaper insert which are provided to teachers as tools to enhance existing curriculum in schools. These lessons teach the science behind the USGA’s equipment testing, handicapping, and agronomy efforts.

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As the official timekeeper of the USGA and its championships, they also provide clocks throughout host sites for spectator convenience.

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IBM provides the information technology to develop and host the U.S. Open’s official website,, as well as the mobile apps and scoring systems for the three U.S. Open championships. These real-time technology solutions provide an enhanced experience for fans following the championship onsite and online.

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Lexus is committed to partnering with the USGA to deliver a best-in-class experience for the world’s best golfers by providing a fleet of courtesy luxury vehicles for all USGA Championships.

At each U.S. Open, Women’s Open and Senior Open, Lexus provides spectators with access to unique experiences ranging from the opportunity to have a picture taken with both the U.S. Open and U.S. Women’s Open trophies to autograph signings with legendary Lexus Golf Ambassadors in the Lexus Performance Drive Pavilion.

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